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The East West Acupuncture and Herb Clinic  offers you the very best in Western, Chinese and East Indian Ayurvedic Medicine which includes acupuncture, herbology, nutrition, and life changing transpersonal counseling. With over 40 years experience we are both internationally recognized teachers, authors of several books including Michael's best-selling Way of Herbs and Planetary Herbology and Lesley's Healing with the Herbs of Life.  
Please explore the links at left to find out more about our clinic or contact us at 831.429.8066 to schedule an appointment.
You may also contact us for an Herbal Wellness Consultation with Michael or Lesley Tierra, offering a personal herbal and dietary supplement program. For this you would submit a consultation form, a photograph of your tongue, and the beats per minute of your pulse (count for 15 seconds and multiply by four).Click here for our intake form.
Healing The Cause As Well As The Symptom 
Lesley and Michael Tierra
East West Herb and Acupuncture Clinic