About Acupuncture
Acupuncture was first recognized as a licensed primary care health profession in the state of California in 1975 although in China acupuncture has been a part of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for at least 3000 years. Many cultures throughout the world have discovered points on the body that reflexively can be used to heal numerous health conditions. But it was the Chinese who first discovered an elaborate system of classifying hundreds of acupuncture points along what is known as the “12 meridians,” named after the major organ that each affects. In fact, any tender point on the body can be used as an acupuncture point and the ancient texts speak of the importance of palpating for the most tender “ah shi” points as the most potent for treatment. Providing that there is no physical break or injury, acupuncture is effective for all pains including joint, neck, lower and upper back pains and pain resulting from trauma such as a fall or car accident. However, it is a mistake to think that pain relief is its only value.

Acupuncture has a broad range of effective application ranging from the common cold, to arthritis, and various diseases of the circulatory, digestive, respiratory, neurological, and genito-urinary
systems of the body.

Besides needling, we offer the full range of treatments including the use of moxabustion (burning the herb, artemisia vulgaris, close to acupuncture points — highly effective for generating more energy and warmth, in the associated area along with  suction cups (‘Gua Sha’) on the skin to relieve congestion and pain, the topical application of magnets also effective for pain and Shirodhara (head oiling) for depression, anxiety and deeper emotional imbalances. The latter two are unique specialties of the East West Clinic. The National Institute of Health (NIH) funds research on the efficacy of acupuncture for a wide range of diseases. And most recently found that acupuncture was effective in relieving osteoarthritis pains that failed to respond to the use of standard anti-inflammatory drugs..
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