Recent Cases
Difficult Psoriasis case
We have a number of specialties and one is difficult skin disease such as eczema and psoriasis for which conventional medicine has no satisfactory treatment. After reading the following case, you might want to make an appointment as see if we can help you or anyone you might know.  Before coming, fill out the clinic Intake form. and email or bring it with you.

Treatment of a difficult case of psoriasis.
Low Energy, arthritic pains and stiffness in the elderly
97 year old woman complaining of extreme body stiffness, pain and low energy.  I prescibed two herbal formulas in pill form. After one day, she experienced dramatic relief from pain, could walk without shuffling her feet, felt brighter, more energetic and motivated. The elderly are extremely responsive especially to herbal treatment and it is easy to significantly increase  their quality of life. Either make an appointment for an accessment or call the office to set up a telephone consultation (831) 429-8066 click on the following Intake form 
Carpal tunnel syndrome -- this is usually one of our easier conditions to treat and patient's often experience immediate relief, allowing them to return to work the next day, pain free. 
One woman, age 38 had a high paying job at a large software compay in San Jose, California. She developed a severe case of carpal tunnel wrist pain from too many hours at the computer. With one treatment and a short follow up, we were able to get her pain free with no interruption of work. call (831) 429-8066  Intake form
Chronic swollen ankles
A woman in her mid 40's presented with symptoms of vertigo and chronic edemic swollen ankles. These are often symptoms that preceed congestive heart failure so it is important to receive treatment as early as possible and successful treatment will require several regular treatments. Usually the conditio is very responsive to acupuncture and herbal treatment.

I administered painless acupuncture at points on and near her knees and ankles and prescribed a Chinese herbal formula to be taken twice daily. After one week the swelling was reduced by half.
Lower Back Pain
Acupuncture and herbal therapy is recognized as being the most effective for this common condition. usually we are able to relief acute pain within the first couple of weeks but regular intermittent follow up treatment for some time afterwards is important to maintain the benefit.

One man, a local hair dresser was diagnosed by MRI with compressed disks. The orthopedist recommended surgery as his only alternative.

He had heard from another patient of the great success they had from our treating their chronic back pain so he thought he would give us a try.

Even after the first treatment, he was amazed that he could stand up straight and walk pain free. I toldd him that he may need to return weekly for a while to consolidate the benefits which he did. By trying acupuncture and herbal therapy, he was able to avoid back surgery.