Herbal Medicine
Herbs work on the deepest levels to underlying organic cause rather than merely the outward symptoms of disease. There is a big difference between the commercial marketing of herbs as aa 'this-for-that drug substitute and the way a master herbalist prescribes and uses herbs.

Nor is always true that herbs are always slower to bring relief than drugs. In most cases for acute conditions one can expect relief of symptoms within one to three days while for chronic conditions it is necessary to be more patient.

Plants derive their energy from the sun which in turn serve to nurture the planet and all its creatures. Therefore medicinal herbs act as "special foods" making them ideal for medicine and healing. Most drugs are either derived from plants or are synthesized versions of chemicals first found in plants. The difference is that while drugs are based on a concentration of a single chemical molecule, plants contain 1000's. A single chemical molecule, therefore, has a much greater potential for toxicity than when it enters the body as part of a complex whole life form with its 1000's of other compounds. Not only may these serve various other complementary organic functions but in most cases they provide overall  buffering effects which renders them safer.

This does not mean that at certain times and for certain conditions drugs have no value. But have you ever wondered why or how we have gotten so far from the use of plant medicine?  While many drugs and scientific contributions represent a significant contribution, the major reason for diverging from the use of herbs is because drugs offer a far greater potential for financial gain. This is because it is practically impossible to patent a plant that can be found naturally growing in nature or even in the garden than it is to patent or 'own' a single synthesized chemical compound. For this reason, many plants found in the richest and most diverse bioregions of the planet and have a long folk tradition for treating certain diseases never make it to market. It is also the reason why international 'big-pharma' has grown to represents one of the largest financial monopolies in the world.

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