Patient Testimonials
"I have known Michael and Lesley Tierra for almost 25 years and consider them among the most experienced herbal and acupuncture practitioners in the country. Both are fine human beings and neither is confined to a single school of thought but rather take advantage of the best of what the world's herbal traditions have to offer. The East-West Clinic in Santa Cruz, under their direction, exemplify this broad approach in bringing the best of the world's herbal healing traditions under one practice; taking the best of Western, Ayurvedic, and Chinese medicine and offering them to their patients.

I have personally benefited from being treated at different times by both Michael and Lesley and I do not hesitate referring potential patients to either of them. "
Roy Upton, Herbalist
Executive Director
American Herbal Pharmacopoeia

"I have been a patient of Michael Tierra in his East West Acupuncture Clinic for about 14 years, and he has trulyhelped keep me healthy, energized and free of pain over the years, as well as helping heal various specific ailments. I have gone to him several times after accidents and broken bones, and he has really supported the healing process.  He is intuitive in his diagnosis as well as using the classical diagnostic methods, and often has offered treatments and herbal formulas which go beyond "fixing the problem" to also improving my overall well-being immensely. His many years of practice, study and teaching have made him a true "master" of the art of healing. "  Marjorie Wolfe

"I consider Michael Tierra a master herbalist, acupuncturist and healer. He brings a depth of experence and insight to his interaction with patients that is the result of many years of practical experience. I came to him with a variety of complex medical issues involving life debilitating digestive and metabolic disorders and parasites resulting from an extended stay in India. My energy was extremely low and I literally felt like I was going to die. I was referred to Michael as a last resort after consulting with various medical doctors and other acupuncturists with no positive results, Even during the first consultation Michael was able to understand the cause of my condition and guide me to implement dietary changes as well as special herbal formulations and weekly acupuncture sessions. After 4 or 5 weeks I knew I was on the way to recovery. Now I continue to see Michael monthly to maintain good heath." Kevin Halpern

"Michael and Lesley Tierra are highly skilled acupuncturists, master herbalists, noted authors and educators. They were one of the first groups to train in China and introduce acupuncture into the United States. When I receive acupuncture at the East West Clinic, I feel completely confident and relaxed before, during and after treatment, because it is apparent to me that they have truly mastered their craft. Their clinical and diagnostic skills, herbal expertise and acupuncture techniques are administered with ease, deftness, and a sense of truly listening and caring. They both have a formidable repertoire of healing therapies, including cupping, gua sha (scraping) a technique that involves gently scraping the skin to allow stagnation to come to the surface), moxabustion, auricular therapy, magnet therapy, electro-acupuncture, needless acupuncture, and shirodhara (auyurvedic treatment that greatly calms the central nervous system), to mention just a few. Both are formidable herbal formulators in Western, Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs.

At one point, I came into the East West Clinic with such a terrible flu, lung congestion and sore throat that I could barely stand up. Michael did acupuncture, cupping on my lungs, and gave me a strong herbal drink. I was able to walk out of the clinic, my throat stopped hurting by evening and I recovered so quickly. After eye surgery, Michael and Lesley both gave me invaluable herbal and nutritional advice for the most optimal recovery. My eye doctor was really impressed with how quickly I recovered."

Beverly Jennings, RH (AHG), CMT

"Michael and Lesley Tierra are first class healthcare practitioners who have contributed immensely to the field through the numerous books they have written, seminars provided, and excellent professional services they have rendered.

I first met Michael in 1982 when I was experiencing serious health issues; he provided excellent healing services for my daughter and me  - so much so, that I knew I must study Chinese Medicine. I later interned with Michael and Lesley for over four years.  It was an incredible experience that I will always cherish.  Michael offers an immense, eclectic wealth of knowledge that spans Western, Chinese and Ayurvedic health systems.  Lesley likewise offers exquisite healing services that she has garnered from many traditions."
Darlena LaOrange, L.Ac./Herbalist

"I came to see Dr. Tierra for help in stopping smoking and a general feeling of hopelessness. Three close family members had died within six months and, instead of taking care of myself, I smoked and drank a little too much to relieve the pain. Dr. Tierra immediately set up acupuncture and herbal sessions to help me with my addictive tendencies. I quit smoking completely after four sessions and began to substantially address how to be well and happy, even with sorrow. He truly changed my life. Friends who I have recommended also found health and vitality again."
Dody Anderson
La Selva Beach, California

"Michael Tierra is more than an herbal specialist, an expert acupuncturist, a healer, and a master pianist and scholar, he is also my friend. He saved my from numerous health issues-as I know he has done for others, as well. I first came to him in the 1980s because I was suffering genetic liver problems and, after two liver biopsies, decided to look for other avenues. Michael treated me and, within about a year, had my liver back and functioning. I had taken a year off from seeing my regular doctor who was dumbfounded when he learned that my liver was healed and functioning properly. At this same time, Michael also balanced my triglycerides which were showing up as out-of-balance in my cholesterol tests, where I had very little of the good cholesterol and an abundance of the bad. Michael successful balanced my system.
In my life, Michael is a true blessing and godsend and I feel very blessed to have him present in my life. Over these twenty plus years, Michael has cured me of a number of problems, especially those connected with my occupation as a musician and as a backline (“roadie”) worker. Michael also tunes my immune system so that I don’t need to subject my body to an annual toxic flu shot.
He is a teacher, an inspiration, a healer, and, most importantly, a friend. I have had musician friends from all around the world specifically ask me about Michael. Musicians work in various and sundry bad environments and play instruments that really aren’t suited for comfort. Playing my string bass in a below 50 degree, windy hall last year, my arm and hand became swollen and sore. Michael worked diligently and helped me get past this problem, going so far as to have me mimic playing double bass so as to figure out the source of the problem-which he successfully accomplished. I am more than grateful that I have Michael and his vast knowledge and skills in my life and I both have and continue to recommend his expertise to others."
Tom Dilbeck
La Selva Beach, CA

A Positive, Life-Altering Experience

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